started with a lie,

Two souls gathered a chorus
bodies in the damp forest
a laugh, a kiss
promises of something more, never to complete Stepping carelessly
all those different times and spaces
your voice in my ear for eternity
grand gestures made earnestly
Living in the now confusion

this is intimacy

you salsa dancing,

cooking in the kitchen

rooftop brawls defending my honor

cheering me on in all my encounters

singing to lovers in alleys

reaching, Sparkling,

free from the mundane
my envious disdain for your wild ways
the cum in my panties

as I watched you walk away

a bottle shared in keep out places
Frustrated demands

I dodged the question,
six pages of rejection,

an Invitation
back and forth forever,

Paused at I Do
Forever distilled as Time went on

washed up the banks

Push -Pull



Left with thoughts of You

perfectly tainted

Constellation 84102