Day: February 27, 2019


meet me at dusk where the wildflowers and train tracks live let us lie on a bed of grass see what we can give your fingers caress my copper wires Slap! Pluck! Slide! take my body, taste this honey feel my neck dirt on my breasts thighs pressed Shake! Vibrate! Squeeze! leave me with your …

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assurances and promises we know you don’t mean I’ll climb into them Just to see how awful and amazing we can be you picked a wife and a family I picked me and a city left my heart on a bobcat with half a bottle of whiskey then and only then would it be sentimental …

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let me rest where our skins collide deepened and entwined I wake up to Your Face Embrace Mouths Kiss Curious how to chase bliss yet still be quiet lying next to You my mind a riot banging and terrified to be Brave


Push-Pull-Love started with a lie, Hi Two souls gathered a chorus bodies in the damp forest a laugh, a kiss promises of something more, never to complete Stepping carelessly all those different times and spaces your voice in my ear for eternity grand gestures made earnestly Living in the now confusion this is intimacy you …

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let me awaken So i can be defined hollow stems thick branches she opens herself Wild Innocent Uninhibited beckoning you… Yes, you, you to Come

Fearful Symmetry

Original work of short fiction by M. Garcés The light from the window shone on Stuart’s face like a flashlight against a dark canvas. He groaned, rolling over and burying himself in his pillow. He had no idea how the blinds somehow always happened to be open. He hated the light. He didn’t know if …

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Excerpt from an original work of fiction by M. Garcés I reached over his naked body to retrieve the pack of Lucky Strikes. The fact that he didn’t move only calmed me. It would just have to take some more time for me to get used to this… this style of living. The fan creaked …

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Park Beauty

Excerpt from an original work of fiction by M. Garcés I turned the key in its lock and found Drew waiting for me on the couch. “Hey!” he grinned, getting off the couch and taking me in his arms. “I’ve been thinking about you all day…” he whispered in my ear before kissing me. “Jesus …

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