6 pies del Amor

What they see is

You look great

Such a beautiful face

What a tiny waist

I turn my light on

dance and aing

paint my cheeks rosy

wear the shortest skirt

when I’m on my side


in the morning light

my hands touch my belly and think

30 pounds of

Not kissing those lips

Not hearing that laugh

Not biting that chin

Not feeding my toes

Not giggling into that neck

How can time be everything

And nothing at once

i ask myself if

You’d miss the way my body jiggled and shook

Or if this was how you always saw me look

And how many times must I do all the things we spoke of without you

I’m trapped in an infinite goodbye

Every farewell and return

twisting acknowledgments

I am half… me.

Moments when I’m okay, even feliz

just beating escapes

this crooked wedding finger

a joke turned cruel

Did God want me to see

that weeks after you whispered three

I’d get a text that said

You’d never again sleep next to me

They say, Come down now

But reality tastes Cheap

in the shadows I’ll cling

knuckles and blushing cheeks

Every hole I dug

Every confession I hid

This is where I now


Blue and white, yellow, pink

they gave me these

so I won’t think

Circle, square, diamond

shroud the days

glimmers of ecstasy

I chase

Ain’t it funny how



Rips these wings



at the bottom of a staircase

I long for and dread the day

that these questions,


the lines on your face



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