God Bless

Sometimes I wonder…

Was America ever great?

Oh wait…

America goes down to the Magellan Straits


land of the free

Started off

with the indigenous

you forced

to bend the knee

Tell me please,

How can you say

Go back, Go back

When this land

was snatched

And why

does no one seem to name

some of the Greatest genocides of the human race

I guess you gotta be white and Jewish

for a tear

to reach your face

Sangre pa sangre

Oldest currency known to man

A war was made

Y’all got blood on your hands


your interests

paved the way

how much can you rape,

pillage and break

these roots

Go back where you came from

Can we say that to you too

When your airplanes spray

chemicals that take

honest livings away

Oh wait

Oh wait

See it’s all for this war on drugs

Like y’all ain’t at home

snorting like unhappy thugs

Then you come in

Like some almighty savior

Claim to save us

from dictators

Gifting us

foolish pawns

Who’ll just do you

favor after favor

Like send Big Pharma guns

to squeeze the sap

from all our trees

Then watch as people die

Cuz they can’t afford their disease

Now I’m not afraid

to say these things

When I look in the mirror

It’s the shame

of colonization I see

The image of a single mother on a plane

Desperate to break free

A brother ill

His life composed of

Map after Map

of penitentiaries

Riddle me this

When you lay in bed

Say your prayers

Our father,

who art in heaven

Let us take their daily bread

Never mind how the brown get fed

If they come, let them come

We’ve got all kindsa cages for them

And if they ever get out

Well that’s what the 2nd Amendment is really about

So some chronically upset middle aged white man

will shoot us dead

while on a shopping spree

Under the guise, that if




didn’t exist

Somehow he’d get more

And you’ll just say

He’s got some mental disease

Those in truth already know

That disease is hate

That disease is envy

If you’re worried we’ll take your jobs

Why don’t you just work harder or something?

That’s what you like to say

when we ask for a raise

Shit, how about even equal pay?

But I guess it’s not in your DNA

No one told your relatives

to go to the fields

That’s why you make

an honest days work

such a big fuckin deal

For too long have we been silent

How long

will we be called migrants

When this land was made

by slaves you still

haven’t freed

How can we make change

if we don’t name

things by name

If you never take the blame

Make America…

care again

smart again

kind again

dream again

love again

Make America…

Home Again

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