Park Beauty

Excerpt from an original work of fiction by M. Garcés

I turned the key in its lock and found Drew waiting for me on the couch. “Hey!” he grinned, getting off the couch and taking me in his arms. “I’ve been thinking about you all day…” he whispered in my ear before kissing me.

“Jesus Drew! Ever heard of chapstick?” I laughed, pulling away.

“Shh… come on…” he snickered, kissing my neck. I gave in, too aroused to care about the state his lips were in. “Wanna do a line with me?” he asked, pulling away from me and sitting back on the couch. A bag of coke was on the table, a mirror and straw already out.

“Did you just buy that?” I asked him suspiciously.

He nodded, his hands shaking as he made four lines, using a blade to perfect them. “Drew, Tommy gave us this apartment so we could fuck, not do drug deals,” I sighed, slightly annoyed with him.

“FUCK GI! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SUCH A FUCKIN MOM RIGHT NOW?!” He slammed his fist against a piece of glass on the coffee table. His hand was bleeding and there was glass everywhere. “Shiiit,” he snickered.

I retrieved a broom and dustpan from the kitchen to pick up the mess he made. “What the fuck Drew? You need to get a hold of yourself… God, you’ve been so moody lately..” I muttered, picking up the last of the glass and walking back to the kitchen to dispose of it.

He got up and I felt him come up behind me, smelling my hair and pulling me in an embrace. “I’m sorry Gi… please let me fuck you. I need you. I need to be inside you.” That was all I needed to hear to forget. I turned to face him, immediately kissing him. He pulled me on top of the counter. I pulled off his shirt. He had become so skinny, but his strength was insane. He roughly pulled my dress over my head, one of his hands quickly returning to my underwear. I gasped as I felt him stick two fingers in, another massaging my asshole. He guided my hand to his crotch, so I could feel how ready he was. I moaned. “I fucking love hearing you,” he whispered in my ear, licking it and nibbling my neck. I bit my lip, undoing his belt buckle and the buttons of his jeans. They fell easily to the floor.

He looked at me intensely then ran quickly over to the coffee table, picking up his bag of cocaine. “You’re so fucking beautiful. I want to do a line off of you,” he murmured. I giggled, quickly doing a line and then leaning back and stretching my arms out. I felt the powder on my belly and his fingers forming a line, followed by his nose lightly grazing my skin as he snorted. He picked me up and flipped me over with ease, squeezing my ass. I could hear him licking his fingers, then felt the powder once more, I bit down on my lip, blushing that I was indulging in such a ratchet activity.

When he finished snorting off my ass he immediately entered me, then offered me his finger dipped in coke. I snorted it, instantly feeling so high and good, his dick inside me hard and unrelenting. I screamed with pleasure, my hands trying to find him, he pressed down hard against me, lying on top of me so I could feel his depth and a sense of closeness. My eyes began to water as I begged him to never stop.

Hours later in Tommy’s bed with Drew, the sound of my cell ringing stirred me from a haze of quiet euphoria. He was wide awake next to me, watching me with keen interest. It was Will of course. “Hey,” I answered the phone, casually caressing Drew’s hair.

“Where the bloody hell are you?” He shouted over the phone, “You’ve practically missed the entire parade already!” Shit. I totally forgot. I had promised to go over to my parents with him to watch the festivities.

“I’m sorry I got caught up at the studio….” I lied, grasping for some story that could possibly work.

“Gi…” he moaned, “You’re lucky your parents are amusing and that I love you.”

I sat up, immediately stopping whatever I was doing with Drew’s hair. He just told me he loved me. “I’m sorry. I don’t think I will make it. Send everyone my apologies,” I barked, then hung up the phone. I looked over at Drew, accustomed to his glassy eyes. “We need to go now!” jumping out of bed I ran back to the kitchen to pull on my clothes. I did several lines of coke, Drew following my lead.

“Where are we going?” Drew asked me, grabbing his boxers off of the stove.

“My place,” I said with complete confidence, knowing it was a great day to be reckless.

Somehow we managed to make it to Uptown. My parents always had at least 40 guests over for the parade each year. As soon as we walked in everyone raised a brow or shifted their weight awkwardly. Will’s face was unlike any I could’ve imagined. Hurt, scared, and angry all at once. Immediately I regretted giving in to my desire to cause a scene. I knew we looked fucked up, undoubtedly like we had been fucking, and in completely inappropriate clothes for the occasion.

My mother greeted us first, “Drew how lovely of you to join us… Gi do you mind if I steal you for a second?” She grabbed my arm in a way that let me know I was about to get a verbal beating. Drew winked at me and then walked over to Alex and Ashley.

Mom pushed me into her room and locked the door before letting me have it. “Are you out of your goddamn mind daughter?!” she hissed, pushing my arm away from her so hard that I fell on the ground. I laughed. “Just look at yourself! I did not raise you to show up three hours late to a party, leaving a perfectly respectable and well-suited match here unattended! Where the hell are your manners! And then to show up with Drew? ARE YOU ON DRUGS!?” she shouted at a low level so no one could hear us. I giggled. For the first time in my life my mother laid a hand on me, the slap was hard but I couldn’t feel it. She grabbed me by the ear and dragged me to her bathroom, flicking the light on so I could meet myself at my worst.

I looked horrible. Beyond fucked up. My hair was a birds nest, blood was dripping from my nose, my eye makeup beyond owlish, and I smelled like someone who had just done a gangbang porno shoot. I screamed at this confrontation, my mother immediately muffling me with a towel and closing the bathroom door. “Shhhh…. now here is what we are going to do. We are going to get you cleaned up,” she sniffed, already turning on the shower. “Then you are going to go back in there and apologize to Will for being so rude and late. You are to never see that Drew boy again you hear me? He is no good, his own parents have given up on him. Do you want to be like that?!” She ranted, aggressively taking off all my clothes and throwing me in the shower.

As soon as I felt the hot water against my back I started to cry, crouching down and hugging myself. I was so ashamed of who I had let myself become—a self-destructive idiot who didn’t care about the casualties. There was a knock on the door. I could hear Will’s voice and my mother making excuses. It took me by surprise that he forced his way in. “I give up, I just give up,” I heard my mother say, leaving us alone.

He opened the shower door and came in with his suit, shoes and everything still on. I was shivering, even though I knew the water was hot. He sat down next to me, tears in his eyes, then pulled me close to him. “It’s going to be okay Gi,” he whispered, stroking my hair. I sobbed in his arms, hating myself for treating him so badly when all he did was love me. “It’s going to be ok…” he kept repeating, kissing my head.

Eventually he got up for some shampoo, washing my entire body with it head to toe. I felt like a child, but watching him take care of me like that made me want to try to change. For a long time I felt scared to leave the shower, afraid of what was out there beyond his compassion. “I’m here, everything will be fine, alright?” He told me, making me look at him in the eyes. I nodded. He turned off the shower and opened the door so he could retrieve a towel. He helped me get out, immediately rubbing me with the towel.

There was a knock. Will seemed annoyed, walking over to the door. It was my mother. “Is she… is she going to be ok?”

“Yes. Mrs. Arlington she will be fine I promise. She’s with me now.”

“You’re soaking wet… let me get you some clothes.”

“That would be lovely.”

He closed the door again and walked back to me, I was sitting on the toilet with my head in my hands. “I’m so fucking sorry Will… I’m so fucking sorry…” I sobbed, hitting my head against the shower door.

“Stop, don’t do that,” he yelped, taking me in his arms again. “Shh… I know you are. You’re an absolute nutter but I love you and we will get through this, alright?!” He made me look him in the face. I sniffed a few times then nodded before hugging him again. Carefully he guided me to my feet, taking small steps towards the door.

“I’m scared, I don’t want to go out there,” I implored him, my nails digging into his sopping wet suit.

Despite my pleas, he opened the door. My mother had laid out outfits for us to wear. Will took the towel and dried my hair with it as best he could before guiding me into the dress. I pulled my hair into a bun, sitting down on the bed while watching him put on my father’s clothes. They were surprisingly very close in size. I stood up, looking over at the bathroom mirror. Despite being far away I could tell we had cleaned up well.

He followed my gaze and kissed my head, “You look beautiful. No one will ever know.”